Teens and Depression

While children develop self-esteem through mastery. Teens develop independence through testing limits and exploring their sense of identity. Often, teens experience depression and anxiety at this developmental stage, it is common with this age group!  Therapy can help your child feel less alone while navigating this typical emotional journey.  Using traditional talk therapy in addition to art and play therapy encourages your teen to access their feelings in the way they feel most comfortable. Ultimately, working with a therapist can provide a teen with a safe space to explore the big changes happening in their world.

Summer can be a particularly difficult time for teens experiencing depression—the lack of structure and focus of a school schedule and peers can often create a sense of disconnection in their lives.  If you notice your teen sleeping to excess, withdrawing socially, and exhibiting signs of hopelessness, therapy can help. With both individual counseling and/or a Teen Coping Skills group, we can find help your teen find their way back from whatever darkness they are facing.

In the wake of Netflix’s Thirteen Reasons Why, (a popular teen-aged revenge suicide series) mental health professionals and parents alike have recognized the need to speak frankly with teens about suicide and ways to get help with depression. Living with a depressed teenager is difficult; nothing is scarier than wondering where your once-joyful child has gone. Not knowing how to help your child through their darkness can feel overwhelming. We encourage you to reach out; we will be here on the other end to help both you and your teen.



- Erin McMenamin