We run our entire practice as a self-pay practice. This means we do not accept payment for services from  health insurance companies. When you work with us, you will pay our practice directly for your services. 

Each clinician in our practice has their own fee schedule, and you should call us directly for that information. We offer reduced fees on a case by case basis, and the best way to determine if our fees work for you is to call us, or discuss this during your first appointment. 

We know money is an important issue to you, and we have chosen this model for a number of reasons. You receive a number of benefits by paying directly for your health care: 

  • You will preserve complete privacy and your treatment will not become part of your permanent health record.

  • Most insurance companies will only pay for a portion of the cost for a limited number of sessions, you still have costs with most insurance plans. 

  • Insurance companies require a diagnosis to file claims. This means that to participate with insurance payments, a clinician must assign a psychiatric diagnostic label to you. With self pay, you would receive a psychiatric diagnosis only when it is relevant to your treatment.

  • You have complete control over the course of your treatment; you and your clinican get to decide together when you come, and how many sessions you will need.

***If you were hoping to utilize your insurance, please look at the section for insurance we have provided for details***

Payment:  We accept cash, checks and debit or credit cards in our office.

Cancellation Policy: If you do not show up for a scheduled appointment and you have not notified our office, we will charge you the cost of the full session fee. There are often many people waiting for an appointment with us, and we reserve a]one time slot specifically for you when you schedule. We are always happy to rearrange your scheduling if needed, with advance planning.