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Dr. Lisa Mazzio, Psy.D., LCP

Dr. Lisa Mazzio is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and has received both a Doctorate and Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from the Clinical Psychology program at Regent University. Dr. Mazzio has been providing clinical services to adults and children for more than ten years in various settings, including: outpatient, inpatient, and group settings in clinics, hospitals and universities. She is an engaging and dynamic therapist who values cognitive behavioral and solution-focused treatment. Dr. Mazzio treats a wide range of clinical concerns including mood disorders, addictions, personality disorders, relationship issues, parenting challenges, family conflict, trauma, and grief and loss. Additionally, Dr. Mazzio provides a range of psychological assessment services including diagnostic clarification and psychoeducational assessment.

Ruthie Weiglein, Ms.Ed., LPC, RPT

Ruthie Weiglein is a Licensed Professional Counselor and holds a Masters degree from Old Dominion University in Clinical Mental Health. Additionally, she is a Registered Play Therapist and has specialized training in the area of maternal and postpartum mental health. Ruthie is a creative and engaging therapist and is equipped to treat mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, trauma, parenting and child behavioral issues, grief/loss, relationship and family issues. Ruthie enjoys using dynamic, interactive and developmentally appropriate forms of engaging with her clients that facilitates growth and healing. 


Erin McMenamin, M.S., CRNP, RIT.

Erin McMenamin is a Resident in Social Work and holds a Masters degree in Social Work from The University of Southern California. She also has training in play therapy. Erin's therapeutic style focuses on the client's innate strengths as the starting point for creating the resilience they need to handle life's problems. She works with children, teens, and adults to manage depression, anxiety, and the effects of trauma. Erin's passion is working with the military population to address the challenges individuals, couples, and families often face in this unique community.


Dr. April Lightsey, Ph.D., LCP

Dr. April Lightsey is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist.  The University of New Mexico grantedboth her Doctorate and Master’s degree in Psychology, with a specialization in Clinical Psychology for both degrees.  Dr. Lightsey, a military wife who has worked in both civilian and military treatment facilities, specializes in the treatment of trauma and stress related disorders, anxiety disorders, depression, insomnia, and managing chronic pain and chronic illness.  Dr. Lightsey integrates techniques from cognitive-behavior therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, motivational interviewing, and solution-focused therapy in a compassionate, scientifically grounded approach to treatment.  Dr Lightsey also administers psychological tests to clarify the diagnosis and understanding of mental health disorders, personality characteristics, and learning problems.

Alexandra McCoy, M.S.

Alexandra McCoy is a Resident in Marriage and Family Therapy and holds a Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Auburn University. She is enthusiastic about working with couples in distress and has specialized training in Emotionally-Focused Therapy, an evidence-based approach shown to help couples create lasting, life-long bonds. As a parent and a military spouse, Alexandra knows both personally and professionally the stuck feeling that can arise for couples in the midst of life’s transitions. Her warm and authentic approach creates emotional safety so that both partners can explore their underlying relationship needs, take risks to communicate in new ways, and become experts in the skills needed to maintain the close relationships they desire.



Dr. Megan Gliniecki, Ph.D., LCP

Dr. Megan Gliniecki is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and earned her Ph.D in Clinical Psychology from UTSouthwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas.  Dr. Gliniecki places great emphasis on the value of the therapeutic relationship and seeks to connect with her clients in an authentic manner that facilitates self-understanding and growth. While Dr. Gliniecki uses a variety of scientifically proven treatments, she shapes them to fit with the unique needs and goals of each individual.  She specializes in the healing of chronic trauma along with the treatment of mood, anxiety, eating, and substance use disorders. In addition, Dr. Gliniecki provides psychological assessment services to elicit accurate diagnoses and to assist clients in understanding personality characteristics and learning problems.

Dori Eaves, M.A.

Dori Eaves is a fourth year doctoral student at Regent University and holds a Masters degree from Regent in Clinical Psychology. She values cognitive-behavioral therapies and has experience with Cognitive Processing Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Dori has worked with adults to address trauma and stress related disorders, mood disorders, grief and loss, and managing chronic illness. Dori has a passion for health psychology, providing holistic treatment that addresses both the body and the mind.  She desires to help others gain a better perspective on life, to improve their daily habits, gain new insight into their own strengths and weaknesses, and thus improve their quality of life to benefit overall well being and relationships. She utilizes a range of evidence-based treatments to best suit each client’s needs and works collaboratively with clients to reach treatment goals.