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Below you will find specific contact information for all of our staff.



If you have an administrative question, or if you would like to schedule or reschedule an appointment please contact our main office. 

          Bonnie McNabb, Practice Administrator
          Direct Phone: 757-319-4650
          Fax: 757-644-5065



If you are considering becoming a new client and would like to speak with one of our clinicians prior to your first session, or if you have questions about any of our clinical services, please call or email our clinicians directly.

          Dr. Lisa Mazzio,Psy.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist
          Direct Phone: 757-319-4655

          Dr. Megan Gliniecki, Licensed Clinical Psychologist
          Direct Phone: 757-350-8167

          Dr. LaDonna Hankins, Licensed Clinical Psychologist
          Direct Phone: 757-319-4652

          Erin McMenamin, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
          Direct Phone: 757-216-9528

          Laura Garibay, Resident in Social Work
          Direct Phone: 757-350-8168