Our practice is named  Watermark because a watermark is a permanent impression that indicates both quality and authenticity. We are transparent and sincere. Water symbolizes being washed clean and new beginnings.  We work hard to ensure that you have a high quality, results oriented experience with our practice. 

Some of our Watermark values are:

  • Confidentialty: Your privacy is our priority. 
  • Personal Service: We aim to provide sensible and personalized service to each person we serve. We care about your individual needs.
  • Comfort: We will be friendly, kind and we are fully committed to a positive experience for you. 
  • Trust: We are trained, experienced and effective and we want you to learn that you can trust that we will follow through with what we say we will do. 
  • Collaboration: You exist within a community and we want you to thrive in that system. If it is appropriate and you are comfortable, we find it can be useful to do some collaborative work with important people in your life such as your other doctors, your pastor or your family members. 
  • Solutions: Everyone likes solutions to problems and we work hard to help you achieve your desired results through solutions.