Watermark Online Offers Online Therapy Sessions
via Secure Video Conferencing

Watermark Online utilizes an encrypted and secure video platform to protect your confidentiality, while offering you face-to-face video conferencing with your therapy provider. Your therapist will provide the same client-centered therapy we offer at our Ghent office, while offering you the option of conducting therapy services from the comfort of your home or office computer. As online therapy continues to grow as an adaptive therapeutic model we are excited to be able to share this option with our clients.


What Do I need for an online session?

You will need an email address, internet connection, and a computer with a webcam. You will access your online sessions from our secure Client Portal.

Where should I join my online session from?

It’s recommended that you join from a quiet location with adequate lighting - most prefer their home or office. For the best connection it’s recommended that you not use public wifi.

Will an online session be as helpful as an in-office visit?

Yes, online visits have been proven in many studies to provide equal or better outcomes than traditional in-office sessions.